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Single Tooth Implants

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If you are missing a tooth and looking for a long-term solution that will enable you to eat and smile with confidence, dental implants could be for you.

Whilst this may be your first time thinking about dental implants, our team has years of experience in providing individual solutions for people with tooth loss.

If you have a missing tooth there are a number of options available:

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed in your jawbone and fitted with a crown. There are three parts to the structure including the implant, the abutment and the crown. Over time the implant fuses with the bone and forms a durable anchor for your new teeth. Dental implants are considered the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth because it feels, function and looks like your natural teeth.

We are extremely proud to offer Straumann, one of the world’s premium implant systems and we incorporate the most up-to-date digital technology for accurate, safe, predictable outcomes.

Our dedicated team of experienced clinicians understands concerns about tooth loss and the impact it can have on your day-to-day choices. They listen carefully to such concerns and prepare a bespoke written treatment plan together with costs, tailored for your individual needs.

Summary of your dental implant journey:

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1. Clinical Consultation

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2. Written Treatment Plan and Estimate

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3. Digital Planning

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4. Placement of Dental Implants

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5. Healing Period

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6. Crown is fitted

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7. Review

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8. On-going Maintenance

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  • Assessment £150
  • Implant (including crown) £2600
  • Implant (placement only) £1350
  • Extraction £150
  • GBR Graft £600
  • Lateral Window Sinus Graft £1500
  • Provisional Denture £195
  • CBCT £195
  • IV sedation £195-£250

The advantages of a dental implant include:

  • Restores the appearance and function of your teeth
  • Preserves bone and tissue
  • Neighbouring teeth are not affected
  • Eat and speak with confidence
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