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Dental Implants

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Marlborough Clinic Belfast is your total solutions provider for dental implant treatment.

Our experienced team offer a complete dental implant service, from single missing teeth to more complex cases such as teeth in a day, including grafting techniques and sedation if required.

We have embraced progressive technology especially when it makes treatments more comfortable and predictable for our patients. We have been using digital scanning technology to overcome issues with traditional impressions for many years. We use 3Shape Trios scanner which has won multiple awards in the field of digital impression solution. It allows us to capture a digital record of your teeth. As well as being precise and an integral part of our digital workflow, it is a comfortable patient experience.

An on-site CBCT scanner, for 3D diagnostic imaging, allows our clinicians to accurately plan your treatment. Our Planmeca CBCT scanner covers the whole dentition making it an excellent option for full arch dental 3D imaging needs.

There are three main parts to dental implant treatment including:

  1. Surgical – Placement of the dental implant.
  2. Healing – Time after surgery to allow implant to integrate with the bone.
  3. Restorative – Fitting of the crown or bridge.

All aspects of your treatment are provided under one roof at our clinic in Belfast by our dedicated team, working in collaboration with our on-site digital laboratory team. This collaborative approach with our on-site digital dental laboratory allows us to deliver a streamlined, comprehensive tailored service for our patients.

Our experienced lab team create bespoke quality tooth solutions. The true art of colour matching to a patient’s own teeth is only achieved through experienced skill and a passion for detail. Our team take great pride in tailoring implant crowns to meet the requirements of each individual patient.

We are extremely proud to offer Straumann, one of the world’s premium implant systems and we incorporate the most up to date digital technology for accurate, safe, predictable outcomes.

Benefits of dental implant treatment:

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1. Stability

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2. Improved chewing function

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3. No restriction on your food choices

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4. Increased confidence

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5. Natural look

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6. Reduces risk of losing further teeth

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7. Prevents bone loss which can give an older look

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  • Assessment £150
  • Implant (including crown) £2600
  • Implant (placement only) £1350
  • Extraction £150
  • GBR Graft £600
  • Lateral Window Sinus Graft £1500
  • Provisional Denture £195
  • CBCT £195
  • IV sedation £195-£250

What is a Dental Implant and who is it suitable for?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone to replace the root of a missing tooth. After the implant fuses with the bone in the jaw it serves as a stable foundation for a replacement tooth or crown. Dental implants are suitable for individuals who have lost one or more teeth and who have good oral health, sufficient bone density in the jaw, and healthy gums. Your dentist will assess your individual situation following a consultation to determine if implants are suitable for you.

How long does the process take and last?

The entire process can take several months. After the initial placement surgery follows a healing period known as osseointegration, and after that the attachment of the crown, bridge, or denture is then done. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last for many years and evidence shows that they can last longer when individuals continue to visit the dentist as recommended and maintain their oral hygiene as appropriate. Caring for dental implants is like caring for natural teeth and includes regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings.

What is the success rate of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have a success rate of 95% over 10 years and while this is an impressive rate of success for a medical procedure it is important to note that this does not completely guarantee a successful result and there are unfortunately occasions where the implants may not be successful. People who have suffered from gum disease and bone loss have an increased risk of an unsuccessful implant, although some can potentially benefit from bone grafting which is available to alleviate this risk.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants over dentures?

Dental implants offer several advantages over dentures, including stability, improved chewing ability, superior comfort and a more natural look. Dental implants reduce the risk of losing further teeth that occurs when teeth shift after other teeth in the mouth have been lost. Dental implants function much like natural teeth, allowing you to eat a wide range of foods comfortably, meaning you do not need to restrict your diet as you might with removable dentures. Dental implants offer greater confidence as there is no risk of them potentially falling out in a social situation.

Does the Dental Implant placement procedure hurt?

Dental implants are placed gently and under local anaesthetic that should minimise any potential pain. You are advised to take pain medication for several days after the procedure as swelling and discomfort are common for a short period. After care advice is provided which should be followed to avoid any potential pain or complications.

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